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  • Jonas Boström
    Don’t Push That Single (Placebo) Target!: Is pharma looking at target selection in the wrong way? Is the prevailing one drug, one target ideal just an illusion? In this column, Jonas Boström compares this drug discovery methodology to the placebo buttons in pedestrian crossings, as they give merely the illusion of control. Read more
     September 29,2014 by Jonas Boström
  • Ram Balani
    ICD-10 Medical Coding - Healthcare’s Y2K?: It’s official, ICD-10 is coming your way come October 1st, 2015, really! No Postponement, no delays, no nothing… the game’s a foot in eight months if one is to believe the recent February 11th US Congressional Energy and Healthcare Subcommittee meeting held in Washington, DC. The imminent shift from ICD-9 healthcare coding to ICD-10 in the US, a late adopter to the WHO standards could cause major shock even seismic waves. Despite assurances from key stakeholders they’re ready, one merely needs to recall the ( not-so) grand opening of Healthcare.Gov! Industry advisors are predicting the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in the US to be more disruptive to healthcare industry eco-system than Y2K was to the IT industry. The impact on revenue cycle management processes ALONE will be significant and perhaps even chaotic at first. The seismic waves headed our way will affect the entire healthcare life cycle that includes providers, coders, clearinghouses, payers like CMS (Medicare) and of vendors. Throw in the onset of outcomes or value based healthcare from the current for-fee of services practice and it’s clear to see we may be headed for a ‘perfect storm’. Read more
  • Ram Balani
    Mobile Medical Apps & US FDA Regulatory Oversight: A Thin Red Line?: US FDA's regulatory & safety monitoring oversight is being “tugged and pulled” to places it’s never been before with the advent of mobile medical apps, healthcare delivery using IOS or Android, the cloud, etc So how does all these fit into the US FDA medical devices regulatory realm? Ram Balani examines what existing regulation might mean for these new applications. Read more
     March 5,2014 by Ram Balani
  • Robert Musterer
    How Many Strikes Can One Support Request Gather?: The other day I had the dubious pleasure of having the hard drive on my laptop fail. I was fortunate enough that I got a warning message letting me know that something was amiss and had the presence of mind to double check to make sure that I had a backup of everything of concern. In addition to that, I take advantage of one of the cloud based services for email and provision of desktop software. Read more
     January 16,2015 by Robert Musterer
  • Eric Langer
    Biopharma Suppliers’ Budgets Increase: Bellwether for Better Times: Biopharmaceutical companies have weathered a rough recession, layoffs, and budget trimmings. These cutbacks have affected their vendors as well. In BioPlan Associates’ 8th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, we surveyed 352 biotherapeutic manufacturers, and 180 of their vendors, in 32 countries. The substantial budget cuts at vendors that started in 2008 have begun to turn around. We measured 10 budget areas for vendors to this industry. Sales budgets, the only area that did not take a downturn, continued to increase, this year, by an average of 5% globally. Read more
     December 15,2011 by Eric Langer
  • Andrew Love
    Auditing Artwork processes and services – Tips 5 to 8: In this second entry in his series, Andrew Love gives his tips on auditing of artwork processes and services. Like some of his other articles, this takes the format of a series of tips to cover different aspects of an artwork services and the some of the issues you should consider if preparing for or undertaking an audit. This column covers topics including processes, roles and quality control Read more
     November 17,2014 by Andrew Love
  • Tony Hitchcock
    If Single Use is now the Norm: With single use systems becoming the norm, now is the time that industry must take stock of the situation and assess which are the challenges which may be hindering future progress. In this column Tony Hitchcock looks at these challenges and asks what can we in industry do to overcome them. Read more
     September 18,2014 by Tony Hitchcock
  • Tony Hitchcock
    Where Next for Single Use Systems?: With the on-going maturation of single use systems, one of the growing discussions is on the topic of standardisation. With many companies and organisations being at cross purposes when it comes to these standards, it is up for debate whether standardisation will be possible. In this column, Tony Hitchcock dissects the issues surrounding this topic and asks whether this debate will ever be resolved. Read more
     June 12,2014 by Tony Hitchcock
  • Peter Norman
    The Race to Develop Adalimumab Biosimilars: With a market of more than $10 billion, competition is heating up to get a piece of the world's best selling drug, Humira. In this column, Peter Norman examines the biosimilars currently in trials and looks at the potential impact of these drugs on the vast revenues of this drug. Read more
     November 17,2014 by Peter Norman
  • Peter Norman
    The Changing Face of Insulin Treatments: The technological changes since insulin was first used as a treatment for diabetes have been transformative and market for treatments has changed as the technology has evolved. In this column, Peter Norman takes a look at these changes in the market and speculates about potential changes in the future Read more
     October 14,2014 by Peter Norman
  • Steve Hobbs
    Patient Centricity - What is it and Why the Need?: Pharma and Medical Device companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to deliver better patient outcomes rather than just selling product, moving from being product-centric to Patient Centric. In the first entry in his new column on Patient centricity, Steve Hobbs explains what patient centricity is and why there is a need for it. Read more
     September 2,2014 by Steve Hobbs
  • Martin Robinson
    Supporting Managers in Times of Change: In today’s business environment dealing with change is an essential survival skill. Even if the staff of an organisation perceive a change to be positive, if the transition is not handled well it can have an undesirable effect on morale and performance. Read more
     September 24,2014 by Martin Robinson
43 column results
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