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  • Cathy Roberson
    It’s All in the Package: The package is one of the most important components in cold chain shipping. According to the 2014 Pharmaceutical Commerce Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook, cold chain logistics spending was estimated at $8.4 billion globally. Of this amount, about a third, approximately $2.8 billion, is spent on packaging and instrumentation such as insulated boxes, blankets, active temperature-control shipping containers and various temperature sensors and recorders. Read more
     March 9,2015 by Cathy Roberson
  • Eric Langer
    Biopharma Suppliers’ Budgets Increase: Bellwether for Better Times: Biopharmaceutical companies have weathered a rough recession, layoffs, and budget trimmings. These cutbacks have affected their vendors as well. In BioPlan Associates’ 8th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, we surveyed 352 biotherapeutic manufacturers, and 180 of their vendors, in 32 countries. The substantial budget cuts at vendors that started in 2008 have begun to turn around. We measured 10 budget areas for vendors to this industry. Sales budgets, the only area that did not take a downturn, continued to increase, this year, by an average of 5% globally. Read more
     December 15,2011 by Eric Langer
  • Regina Au
    From High Tech to MedTech: In the medtech world, the boundaries between the semiconductor and medtech industries have already been blurred with chips, sensors and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Today, the boundaries between high tech and medtech are starting to blur as well. Read more
     March 23,2015 by Regina Au
  • Robert Musterer
    Seems Everyone Is Building Clinical Data Repositories, Now How Are We Going To Use Them?: Whether you call it a clinical data repository (CDR) or a clinical data warehouse (CDW); it seems everyone (oh, all right - at least a lot of companies) are either building, or planning to build one. Most of these companies have grand notions of bringing together data from a wide variety of sources to be able to glean new insights. However the big unanswered questions are; just how are these insights to be gleaned, and who will be doing the searching to glean these insights? Read more
     February 19,2015 by Robert Musterer
  • Robert Musterer
    How Many Strikes Can One Support Request Gather?: The other day I had the dubious pleasure of having the hard drive on my laptop fail. I was fortunate enough that I got a warning message letting me know that something was amiss and had the presence of mind to double check to make sure that I had a backup of everything of concern. In addition to that, I take advantage of one of the cloud based services for email and provision of desktop software. Read more
     January 16,2015 by Robert Musterer
49 column results
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