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It now takes over a billion dollars to develop a drug, with a high risk of failure. To assist sponsors in navigating this environment, CROs must now provide deep insights into therapeutic knowledge and new geographies, in addition to strong operational delivery.

As a leading Asia Pacific CRO, George Clinical offers full clinical research services at a global scale. George Clinical works with top-tier and mid-sized pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in the conduct of mid and late phase trials of innovative drugs and devices

Furthermore, George Clinical combines clinical scientific expertise of our parent organisation – The George Institute, an internationally recognized medical research institute – to create a distinctive service.

The field of clinical research is growing and advancing thanks to technological advances like real time data collection and analysis, health care applications, and wearable technologies. The clinical trial industry is seeing huge strides thanks to these digital and technological advances that are making studies more efficient, faster, safer, and... Read more
As the costs and complexities of running clinical trials increase, so does the impetus, indeed obligation, to invest in fully integrated eSystems that are essential to simplifying the overall clinical trial process.
The scientific leadership model for conducting clinical trials is relatively new. Despite its novelty, scientific leadership continues to prove its worth when comparing recruitment metrics both before and after the addition of scientific leadership into some of the world’s most complex, multi-regional trials. The implementation of scientific... Read more
Extensive investigator networks, cultivated over the course of some of the world’s largest clinical trials into the risk factors for dementia, present an exciting opportunity for the future of dementia trials. Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, vascular disease, smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity and even depression have been linked to an... Read more
George Clinical – a leading contract research organisation (CRO)in the Asia-Pacific – is now a registered company in South Korea. George Clinical is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and has offices in China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and the United States.
The rising presence of clinical trials (CT) in the Asia-Pacific region is predominantly driven by the East Asian region which includes China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Over the past decade, Korea has become a global clinical trial hub and is one of the leading clinical trial destinations in the Asian region; with approximately 80% of its... Read more
A key step in developing a new drug is the transition from the laboratory to the human subject in a Phase I clinical trial, where the new compound is given to humans for the first time. A Phase I trial is the gateway between scientific research and clinical medicine. Generally, in-human Phase I studies are conducted in healthy male patients or... Read more
Globally, there are millions of people that could benefit from an intensive lowering of blood pressure (BP). An individual with lower BP decreases their chances of suffering from any cardiovascular events such as: stroke, heart disease or heart attacks. A new study shows that lowering blood pressure to less than 140 mm Hg, the current treatment... Read more
Throughout clinical trials, the data manager (DM) is heavily involved in constructing databases, managing reports, programming quality checks and managing the collection of data in the clinical trial. The DM is responsible for managing and training users the concepts of computerised clinical data base systems as well as fulfilling other duties... Read more
The George Institute has recently appointed Professor Zhi-Jie Zheng - a prominent researcher and epidemiologist, as the new Executive Director for its operations in China. For over 30 years, Professor Zheng has held senior leadership positions within clinical and public health programs in the United States, such as the Centre for Disease Control... Read more