Industry Report: Global Traceability and Serialisation in Pharma

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Industry Report: Global Traceability and Serialisation in Pharma

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a significant threat to the viability of the pharmaceutical industry and patient safety. As supply chains become more complex and multidimensional the challenge of tracking products through the supply chain increases. Pharmaceuticals consistently rank within the top ten categories for counterfeit goods and the risk to products can vary from country to country. In response pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing more in product security initiatives, such as serialisation which involves coding products uniquely at the item level.

With so many solutions being presented, selecting the right technology or strategy
can be its own challenge. There is great demand for standardised approaches to
counterfeiting and solutions that can be rolled out globally, but this requires unity from
pharmaceutical companies, vendors and trade associations.

In this industry report we present the results of the latest Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability 2014 Survey and provide expert insight and analysis from key opinion leaders
in the field.

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