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Mapping the Data Universe: Big Data Presents Big Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Sector - Martin Bonney

Adopting a continual, pro-active approach to information governance is essential if pharmaceutical companies are to meet the challenges presented by big data. Full Article »

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Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Posted: 8/22/2013

Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma - Pharma IQ

The global pharmaceutical industry has undergone some rapid changes in recent years, but what are the Top 10 Trends that will Shape Pharma. Pharma IQ investigate in this 3 minute video. Full Video »

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Ben Goldacre Makes the Case for Greater Transparency in Clinical Trials - Gerald Clarke

"Clinical trial information is being routinely and legally witheld and this needs to end." This is the assertion of Dr. Ben Goldacre; a doctor, science writer, campaigner on scientific issues including clinical trial transparency and author of the book Bad Pharma. Pharma IQ discussed the issue of clinical trial transparency with Dr. Goldacre, with a focus on how it will affect industry and why pharma companies have taken differing strategies in response to the campaign. Full Podcast »

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Ensuring Effective Translations - Initiate your Project

Contributor: Andrew Love
Posted: 5/7/2015

Ensuring Effective Translations - Initiate your Project - Andrew Love

As we continue in this series of articles expanding on Ensuring Effective Translations to help you establish your translation capability, the next set of tips are based around step 2 – Initiate your project. Full Column »

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The 2015 Cosmetic Compliance Industry Perspectives Report

This industry perspective report shares the opinions of experts representing the EU, the Middle East and China. We asked them to address their biggest compliance challenges, how they benchmark against the global market, their thoughts on regulatory harmonisation, and more. Full Whitepaper »

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