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The world of healthcare has greatly benefitted from enhanced connectivity as a by-product of the digital age. However, this benefit has contributed to exposing medical devices and their softwares to cyber attacks. Malicious digital interferences can be significantly detrimental to patient safety.Ahead of the 2017 Software for Medical Devices conference, Pharma IQ brings you this whitepaper looking at what you need to know in regards to software cyber security to medical devices.Learn more


According to a recent study, the global single use technology biopharmaceutical market reached $1.7 billion in 2014, a $0.3 billion jump from the year prior. Looking at the period of 2014 – 2019, the market is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7 per cent to almost $3 billion. (4)The US market is expected to increase to $1.1 billion by 2019 from 2014’s $573 million. However, Europe is expected to grow at a slightly slower pace, from $599m in 2014 to $... Learn more


The war against counterfeit pharmaceuticals in the supply chain is well underway, with more than 40 markets – those of which including the EU, US, South Korea, Brazil and China, deploying pharmaceutical track and trace laws. According to industry specialist Tracelink, by the end of 2018 more than 75% of the globe’s prescription medications are expected to be protected by legislation.Learn more

Clinical Trials, Supply, site centric, clinical trial site, clinical site, site centricity

Pharma IQ speaks to Dr Samantha Carmichael, Lead Pharmacist Clinical Trials of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Mandy Wan, Lead Paediatric Research Pharmacist, Evelina London Children’s Hospital in regards to the growing culture of site centricity in today’s clinical trials.Learn more

Serialisation, Serialization, CMOS, contract manufacturing organisation, small and medium enterprise, pharma, biotech, pharmaceutical

Pharma IQ spoke to Mark Davison, Chief Executive Officer Blue Sphere Health Ltd to gain insight on his experience working with SME pharma & biotechs for serialisation. Also we spoke to Vetter pharma – a responsible CMO for their insight on how peer CMOs can scale the summit that is serialisation.Learn more

Early Access Programmes, Market Access, Compassionate use, Managed Access Programme, pharma, orphan drugs, special access scheme, biologics, biotechs

Ahead of this year’s Early Access Programmes Europe conference, Pharma IQ expands its regulatory handbook to develop the industry’s awareness of the various compliance requirements that surround the implementation of these programmesLearn more


Industry stakeholders have insisted that it could be a costly mistake to view serialisation as a project which only concerns engineering matters. As serialisation data is unique to the pack it requires not only the deployment of new treatment but also expanded staff investment and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, “To characterize it as an engineering issue is therefore to grossly underestimate its consequences, which touch virtually every business function in pharmaceutical manufacturing.”Learn more


If you were handed with a notice for a clinical trial inspection plan right now, how would you react? - With a feeling of asserted confidence or a rush of slight concern? Wherever you think you would stand on this spectrum, use this infographic to learn from your peers’ mistakes. Pharma IQ invites the expertise of Andy Fisher Senior GCP Inspector MHRA on a list of common TMF failings.Learn more


As the serialisation industry prepares for various approaching deadlines all over the globe, Pharma IQ has created a printable map to assist with your worldwide track and trace compliance strategies.Learn more


The transition from paper to electronic Trial Master File (TMF) system, is a significant task, which is further complicated with the varying views and opinions complicating the route to standardisation. This is partially solved by the new directives under construction alongside the EMA’s updated information providing giving insight into inspector’s reviewing behaviours and what has been examined as of late for eTMFs. These much needed points of clarification help inform pharma and biotech companies on how to best create and maintain an eTMF system.Learn more

358 whitepaper results
of 35