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As the serialisation industry prepares for various approaching deadlines all over the globe, Pharma IQ has created a printable map to assist with your worldwide track and trace compliance strategies.Learn more


The transition from paper to electronic Trial Master File (TMF) system, is a significant task, which is further complicated with the varying views and opinions complicating the route to standardisation. This is partially solved by the new directives under construction alongside the EMA’s updated information providing giving insight into inspector’s reviewing behaviours and what has been examined as of late for eTMFs. These much needed points of clarification help inform pharma and biotech companies on how to best create and maintain an eTMF system.Learn more


By having visibility on how far away the reality of an airtight Trial Master File is, a pharma firm has an opportunity to alter the project’s trajectory if needed. This transparency can be obtained via a range of avenues which include: solid metrics, clear oversight, frequent exchanges with the CRO and accurate understanding of the required documents.Learn more

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Ahead of the 2016 Lab Informatics Summit, Pharma IQ discussed the subject of data knowledge management with lab informatics and more specifically manufacturing with a selection of experts.Learn more

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With the growth of biologics showing no signs of stopping, bioinformatics continues to be a key driver when it comes to R&D development. Ahead of this year's Lab Informatics Summit, Pharma IQ speaks to an array of experts on the subject of data knowledge management with complex datasets.Learn more

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Ahead of the Lab Informatics Summit, Pharma IQ presents a selection of considerations to assist labs on their route to full integration and interoperability.Learn more

Patient Compliance

The packaging, labelling and artwork division of the pharma market faces pressure from a range of directions. Varying country requirements, refreshed regulations, controlling the demanding overheads and arguably the one of the most costly pressures is the combat against pharmaceutical inappropriate use by patients. Pharmaceuticals taken incorrectly are a public safety concern, leading to a significant level of fatalities each year.Learn more


The level of process efficiency behind today’s cell and gene therapies is said to rest at a low. The manufacturing behind them is mostly manual, due to the treatments mostly being within early development stages. There are, however, some cases where companies utilise partly automated solutions.Learn more

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The Whitepaper outlines the requirements for compliance with the DSCSA, and discusses the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. Various strategies will be explored as well as how to take maximum advantage of the supply chain benefits that can be achieved with the right planning and implementation. TLearn more


When examining the known future for GMP compliance, there are a range of changes that the industry needs to brace for, including a new EU delegated act focused on investigational medicinal products. Here Pharma IQ outlines the GMP updates the market will soon be facing.Learn more

352 whitepaper results
of 35