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Regina Au
Why are IO therapies buzzing today? If we look back at the history of cancer treatment, the survival rate was measured in months, which according to oncologists was a lot back then, because the mortality rate in most cancers was 100%. Most traditional chemotherapies were not well tolerated, because they would kill both cancerous and healthy cells Read more
October 25, 2016 by Regina Au
Regina Au
What does a leaky gut, and our gut microbiome, have to do with our immune system? Scientists are discovering that it has a lot to do with how well our immune system works.
Tags: REgina Au | immune system | leaky gut | gut microbiome | immune response balance
May 2, 2015 by Regina Au

View From The Consultants Chair

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Robert Musterer
In the last 2 months I have received 3 requests through various networking sites to provide information on particular topics about our industry.  In these particular cases, the individuals claim to have global pharma clients seeking assistance with decisions around use of CROs, the selection of EDC systems, and the implementation of CDMS solutions Read more
Tags: Robert Musterer | EDC systems | CROs | Contract Research Organisations | Clinical Trials | Solutions | Pharma clients
August 9, 2015 by Robert Musterer

Making Tomorrow's Medicines

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Tony Hitchcock
Having worked in the development and production of early stage therapeutics for over 30 years I appreciate as much as anyone that this is often a highly challenging environment, not least with regards to overcoming technical and regulatory hurdles as well as seeking to meet a highly demanding timeline.
Tags: research and development | theraputics | therapeutics | CMO | Colin Love | Amgen | Bio-Vex | clinical evaluation | T-Vec
June 2, 2015 by Tony Hitchcock
Tony Hitchcock
Despite it's successes, biopharma still has somewhat of an image problem in some quarters. Tony Hitchcock questions what can be done to reverse this image and restate the benefits of the industry
Tags: Tony Hitchcock | biopharm | safety | recombinant therapies
October 16, 2013 by Tony Hitchcock

Using Informatics to Streamline Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery

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Open Source initiatives have proliferated across many areas of research including drug discovery. The surge in their popularity has been largely attributed to their benefits of enabling open collaboration between multiple parties. As Open Source for drug discovery continues to increase and diversify, it will be useful to understand its potential Read more
Tags: Drug Discovery | Open Source | Open Source for drug discovery | Sheraz Gul
June 9, 2014 by Sheraz Gul
The pre-clinical phase of drug discovery  involves many years of research being conducted by multi-disciplinary teams. These teams will generate significant amounts of data which are processed using standard as well as specialist software.  Traditionally, most of the information generated would typically be recorded using paper-based laboratory Read more
Tags: ELNs | Pre-clinical drug discovery | Assay Development | HIT generation
August 28, 2012 by Sheraz Gul

Drug Delivery

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René Holm
Identifying delivery routes to optimise bioavailability is a core topic in delivering safer, more effective drugs to market. In his latest column, René discuses the chemically curious compounds, semi-fluorinated alkanes and their uses as excipients
Tags: SFA | drug delivery | René Holm | bioavailability | excipients
May 6, 2013 by René Holm
René Holm
Efficient treatments options that are acceptable for both the patients and the physicians are the corner stones in drug development within the pharmaceutical industry. In his new column, 'Drug Delivery', René Holm, Head of Pre-formulation at Lundbeck looks at how Buccal delivery has been explored intensively during Read more
Tags: drug delivery | Buccal Delivery
September 4, 2012 by René Holm

Ensuring a Change for the Better

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Cristina Falcão
In times of global recession pharma industry was not immune to the direct and indirect effects of the economic crisis. It is not just about dry pipelines and skyrocketing R&D costs; it is also about the profound changes in global healthcare systems.
Tags: Cristina Falcão | pharma R&D | virtual pharma | cloud sourcing | translational pharmaceutics | clustering | R&D | R&D costs
May 20, 2012 by Cristina Falcão
Cristina Falcão
PM is no longer about the pharma industry alone – the players/stakeholders go far beyond the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, presenting a new challenge in assembling diverse technologies and partners working together. Success in this space will require new approaches, new relationships, and new ways of thinking.
Tags: personalized medicine | Cristina Falcão | personalised medicine | human genome
January 11, 2012 by Cristina Falcão
Cristina Falcão
While Change Control (CC) is applied to the entire chain of events in any pharma industry, from R&D to batch release, it is the core function of any pharmaceutical plant. “Even when a change is made to improve product or process quality, change control is required”. In a pharmaceutical plant, CC is the “champion” of all other Read more
Tags: Cristina Falcão | Change Control | pharmaceutical plant | R&D | batch release | quality | validation | bioequivalence | bioavailability
June 13, 2011 by Cristina Falcão

Change is Good

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Jon Wetzel
In the movies no single person ever had the best Kung-Fu right from the start of the film. There were strikes on both sides and you saw that they quickly learned the strengths and weaknesses about themselves and their opponent.
Tags: Jon Wetzel | lab | lab manager | scientific lab environment | lab master | Lab Kung Fu
April 4, 2012 by Jon Wetzel
Jon Wetzel
From a high level perspective a Quality Management System (QMS) is great but to the lab workers it’s more like a pile of “red tape” that stops them from doing or improving their work. Here’s what you can do to put the “Quality” back into your QMS.
Tags: Jon Wetzel | Quality Management System | QMS | quality management | SOPs | SOP review process
August 31, 2011 by Jon Wetzel

The Future of Regenerative Medicine

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Amy Patel
Salamanders and newts can regenerate missing legs, tails and eyes in just weeks! Why can’t mammals possess the same super powers of regeneration as these smaller animals?
Tags: Amy Patel | regenerative medicine | human limb regeneration
September 19, 2011 by Amy Patel
Amy Patel
Although there are many political and scientific hurdles that need to be overcome, the future of regenerative medicine is strongly racing forward.
Tags: Amy S. Patel | stem cells | stem cell tissues | regenerative medicine | stem cell implantation
August 18, 2011 by Amy Patel