Jim Abraham

<p>Jim Abraham has made a career in the restaurant business, spending the past 34 years working in the restaurant industry. It was Jim&rsquo;s promotion from Busser to Dishwasher (and that nickel raise) that started the passion for this industry. Jim joined Panda in 1993 as an Area Coach and helped open 13 restaurants in the Mid West and North East before moving into training and recruiting at Panda&rsquo;s California support center in 1997. Having served in Training, Development, and National Staffing roles during this time, coupled with an Operations background, Jim was able to fill crucial roles in Panda as the company grew. This year was no different, with Jim transferring to his current role supporting Panda&rsquo;s School of Learning implementation.</p> <p>Jim&rsquo;s past includes, Carl&rsquo;s Jr., Casual Dining Restaurant owner (with family, never again), McDonald&rsquo;s (had a friend), Officer&rsquo;s Club management (wohoo &ndash; promoted to Dishwasher), Cal. Department of Forestry Firefighter (cool summer job), Boiler Plant Maintenance Technician Apprentice II (at 14 for $1.35 per hour!), and a BS in Business Administration (after changing majors 8 times). In his spare time, Jim and Rhonda, his wife of 24 years, spend time with the PTA, Catholic church, reading, playing and nurturing their 2 children, Crystal, 24 and Dylan, 9 (yes &ndash; even after they leave they still need their Mommy and Daddy). Oh yes, and their St. Bernard Serena, their 10 turtles (Desert), 2 hamsters, 1 guinea pig, and Carl, a Beta fish.</p>

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