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Pramath Malik

Pramath Malik is a translator marrying the technology, business, and legal aspects of IP. He has been the internal voice for the needs of Dolcera's clients and leading the business development in technology domain for over two years. At Dolcera, Pramath is subject matter expert on IP matters in technology, and has helped create innovative and custom solutions to the problems of many Tech Giants. 

These solutions have been able to help these giants in precisely isolating the relevant information from the noise that is abundant in this generation of too much information. He has helped Dolcera experience strong revenue growth with dozens of new clients, and strengthened existing ties into strong relationships. 

He has had strong global exposure working with clients across the world, working with clients in over 2 dozen countries across Europe, Asia, and is now based in Silicon Valley, US. He has also attended over two dozen conferences representing Dolcera, and took the stage at patent forums like ICIC Vienna, PIUG Denver. 

Even in his spare time, he loves developing new solutions for major world problems. His team "Eyes on Demand" won the Startup Weekend Mega Mega with over 400 participants developing an augmented reality tool for the blind, and visually impaired.