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Nathaniel Palmer

A best-selling author, practitioner and one of the originators of Dynamic Case Management, Nathaniel is co-author of a dozen books on innovation and knowledge work, including “How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done” (FSI 2012),  “Social BPM” (Future Strategies), “Mastering the Unpredictable” (MK Press, 2008), “Excellence in Practice (FSI 2007), as well as the “Encyclopedia of Database Systems” (Springer Reference, 2007) and “The X-Economy” (Texere, 2001).  Nathaniel has been the Chief Architect for projects involving investments of $100 Million or more, and frequently tops the lists of the most recognized names in his field.  He was the first individual named as Laureate in Workflow. He has been featured in media ranging from Fortune to The New York Times, and has authored several articles in publications such as Intelligent Enterprise, KMWorld, CIO and InformationWeek, as well as a featured expert on National Public Radio, World Business Review, and The Emerald Planet in conjunction with Internet pioneer Vint Cerf.