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Michael Elliott

Michael H Elliott, founder and president of Atrium Research & Consulting LLC, started his 30 year technology career as an analytical chemist. He then spent the next seventeen years at Perkin-Elmer Corporation, beginning as a software technical consultant and finishing as division VP and general manager. Later, he joined Scientific Software, Inc., (now part of Agilent Technologies) as SVP responsible worldwide operations, growing the company from a small supplier of chromatography software to a major player in laboratory data management. Mr. Elliott has been quoted for his expertise in numerous international publications, presented at conferences in over 25 countries, and has multiple works published on laboratory informatics. He is on the editorial review board of Scientific Computing, the industry advisory board of the Life Sciences Informatics Technology (LSIT) Institute, and advises leaders in the biopharmaceutical sector on industry dynamics, emerging trends, and strategy formulation.


In this exclusive Pharma IQ Interview Michael Elliott, CEO, Atrium Research and Eva-Lotta Westberg, Program Manager, AstraZeneca, discuss what vendors could be doing better to support interoperability, features vs. integration and the biggest challenges for an integration project. Westberg also shares key lessons learnt from...Full Article »