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Torrance-Nesbitt, MBA

Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt, MBA

Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt, MBA is an award-winning Global HR professional across several industries and with outstanding successes in University Relations, Employment Branding and Global Talent Acquisition, and Diversity Strategies most notably at several leading global Fortune 500 businesses such as Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, and the start-up, Unext/Cardean University in Chicago and London, England.  He formerly was with Monsanto and built and led the University (with Global reach) and Employment Branding function (and did Diversity Recruiting & Training).  Additionally, he led Monsanto’s “100 Best Companies to Work for” ® Fortune Magazine application process resulting in 2 back-to-back wins.  He received the merit-based Ralph Bunche Fellowship and also financed his full-time Graduate MBA business studies (in Finance & Diversity Management) by working part-time between day classes at a New York City retained Executive Search Firm–thus learning the recruiting business.

After graduate business school, he completed the competitive MBA Corporate Finance Training Program at the First National Bank of Chicago (now part of J.P. Morgan Chase – Chicago), spending time analyzing large multinationals and then joined First Chicago’s Capital Markets Unit as an Capital Markets Associate calling on foreign banks in New York City such as: Banque Worms Capital Corp (a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG), Kredietbank, Societe Generale, and Banco Central