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Brian McCray

Corporate Learning Network’s (CLN) mission and business purpose is to provide internal training organizations and corporate universities with the tools, techniques, concepts, methods, and technologies needed to endow their workforce with performance capacities required for continuous productivity improvement and innovation.

Knowledge is the result of learning how to apply specific information to specific work… and achieve measurable performance improvement.

Peter F. Drucker said it best: “If we apply knowledge to tasks we already know how to do, we call it 'productivity.' If we apply knowledge to tasks that are new and different, we call it' innovation.'”

Only knowledge correctly applied enables organizations of all kinds and sizes to increase productivity and spark innovation. The realization that knowledge is a major source of wealth has major implications for internal training organizations and corporate universities. Simply put, learning and knowledge creates competitive advantage in today's fierce global marketplace.

Corporate Learning Network is a subsidiary of Penton Learning Systems––one of the world's largest conference organizations. By virtue of this close connection––this day-in, day-out working contact with conference organizers, research analysts, and portal editors––Corporate Learning Network is an amazingly well-informed online publication.