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Gilles Labranque

Gilles Labranque, a graduate from the French Institute of Industrial Refrigeration of Paris, has started his career as a Commercial Engineer in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for 7 years. He joined Sofrigam in 1991 as Chief Project Manager in the field of Chemical Refrigeration. Since 1994, he has been assuming the role of Managing Director, and has led to the international development of the company now exporting to Europe, Middle East, South and North America, Australia... He has set-up a team of engineers to design reliable, efficient and cost-effective insulated shipping solutions based on the principles of physics (thermodynamics and heat exchange). He has been the source of 3 granted patents and has launched the Thermoboxand Pallet Shipper ranges which are used worldwide.

Gilles Labranqueis also members of: AFF as Administrator, French Expert to lIRand member of Commission D2 (Field of Expertise: Small containers, Insulated boxes and Packaging). Co-author of “Practical Guidelines, Cold Chain for Medicines”.