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Gert Ragnarsson

Professor Gert Ragnarsson, born 1951, graduated in Pharmacy in 1976 and obtained a Ph.D. in 1985. He has had different management positions in the pharmaceutical industry (Astra, Kabi/Pharmacia group, AstraZeneca), from 1976 to 2006. He has carried out research and patent work in the fields of tableting, development of oral controlled release technology, drug release mechanisms, biopharmaceutical evaluation and drug carrier and enhancer systems and got an adjunct professorship at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University in 1999. Gert joined the MPA in Uppsala, Sweden, August 2006 as Scientific Director, Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology, and member of the management group. He was appointed Professor at MPA in May 2007 and is currently Senior Scientific Advisor. He has been especially engaged in QbD, inhalation products and rational use of medicines at MPA and is holding the positions as chairman of the EDQM / European Pharmacopoeia/ PAT expert group