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Joël Richard

Dr Joël Richard is currently Vice President, Peptides in IPSEN (Dreux, France). He is globally leading all the CMC development activities of both injectable peptide products and oral small molecules, including APIs and drug products, with major franchises in Oncology, Endocrinology and Neurology.  

Dr Richard has a 25-year experience in industrial R&D, including several global senior positions in various Biotech and Pharma companies, such as:

  • Vice President, Drug Product Development in Ipsen (France) (2008-2011),
  • Director, Pharmaceutical Development in Serono and Merck Serono (Italy, Germany) (2005-2008),
  • Vice President Research, and Europe R&D Director at Ethypharm (France) (2001-2004),
  • COO at Mainelab (France), a drug delivery company he co-founded, which was specialized in developing solvent-free processes for protein delivery systems (1999-2001).

Since 1996, Dr Richard has focused his research activity on new formulation technologies and drug delivery systems (such as microspheres, nanoparticles, nanocapsules, chemically-modified proteins, supercritical fluid technology . . .), especially for injectable protein and peptide formulations.

Dr Richard has published 63 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 7 book chapters and 2 review editorials in various fields (colloids and interfaces, drug delivery, supercritical fluids, protein formulations, sustained-release formulations . . .). He is the author of 95 international communications and 51 patent families.

"High concentration formulations, this is another very good topic! So, actually if you look at the trend of the market, I would say people are working on high concentration formulations most of the time for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)," said Joël Richard Vice President, Peptides for Ipsen....Full Article »