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Jose Vazquez-Mendez

José became part of American Express Mexico as Customer Service Representative in 1994. During his 17 years in the company, he has been based in Mexico, the United States, Spain and England. José has directed operations in Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Continental Europe and England. Being passionate for customer service and having in-depth knowledge of the Credit Cards operation, he has managed to considerably increase the satisfaction levels in all of his assignments by providing a superior service within the right financial margins always with extraordinary people by his side. He has also been awarded several other recognitions from the main service and contact centers in Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden and Mexico.

José has insisted in accomplishing the inclusion and supporting and creating diversity networks for women, people with different capacities and the LGBT community. Back in Mexico, his beloved home country, and along with a team of over 2,000 collaborators, he has obtained unprecedented results with a special emphasis on the upcoming years in just a few months.