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Giles Breault

Giles Breault took on the executive role at Novartis Pharmaceutical established to drive end-to-end productivity on internal spend and increase performance across all functional areas including, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and IT, ensuring that productivity gains were fully captured, and sustainable. As part of his role he developed an integrated productivity plan bringing together all elements of the value creation process to Diagnose, Drive and Deliver up to $800 million in savings. Giles also successfully led a major project analysing how to significantly reduce costs generated in high cost locations through comprehensive offshoring and outsourcing of business services leading to a potential savings of more than $230 million per year.

Other achievements: Giles led the overall business effort to identify global locations to site and develop regional service centers supporting Finance, HR, IT and Commercial Services, forming the footprint of a comprehensive independent Business Services unit; and he led the restructuring of the Hyderabad Service center to recognize its full potential for significant productivity gains in a low cost operating environment.

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