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Di Nunzio

Enzo Di Nunzio

Enzo Di Nunzio, CEO of six-winners, has led dozens of successful Operational Excellence deployments. He has a strong background in leadership, business development and operations with a solid basis in finance, engineering and IT - all of which he applies in the context of the Operational Excellence deployments.  He worked at GE for seven years as part of the leadership team in the capacity of European Quality Leader / Key Projects and European Sales Director.

As a GE certified Quality Leader and Toyota / UKY certified Lean Systems Expert, he introduced Lean, Six Sigma and Transformation in dozens of companies and has trained and coached over 1000 Improvement and Redesign Leaders resulting in positive cultural changes and multi-million profits. Previously he started CISCO Systems in different countries and worked there for several years as multi-country manager. He received his BS in Electronics and Information Technology from University of Applied Science in Switzerland and his MBA from State University at Albany/NY, as well as from Graduate School of Business Administration in Switzerland with focus on Strategic Business Planning and Information Technology.