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Nikolai Bisgaard

Nikolai Bisgaard graduated as M.Sc.E.E in 1976 from the Danish Technical University. Since 1978 he has worked at GN ReSound, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. He served as R&D Manager from 1984 to 1991.  He was behind the very first hearing aid ever with digital signal processing, the DFS Genius which also was the first commercial hearing aid to have active feedback suppression ( DFS).  In 1991 he was appointed Vice President, R&D a position he kept until 1999.  During his entire career in R&D he was responsible for IPR and in the mid nineties he was one of the driving forces in the formation of K/S HIMPP – the Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Patent Partnership.  He holds numerous patents and today serves as VP Intellectual Property Rights for GN ReSound and also takes care of Industrial Relations for GN ReSound.  Nikolai Bisgaard is member of the Intellectual Property Council of the Danish Industry association.