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Jorrit J.
Hornberg, PhD

Jorrit J. Hornberg, PhD

Jorrit Hornberg holds an MSc in Molecular Cell Biology from the VU University in Amsterdam and a PhD in Systems Biology from the same institute. His academic research focused on control of complex oncogenic signal transduction pathways. In the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Hornberg has been at Organon (later Schering-Plough) and Bayer Schering Pharma, before joining Lundbeck in 2009. He has broad drug discovery expertise ranging from target validation and molecular pharmacology to toxicology and has worked on multiple disease indications in immunology, oncology and neuroscience. At Lundbeck, he is Head of Section In Vitro Studies in Exploratory Toxicology. At the Predictive Toxicology Summit 2013, he will speak about the integration of toxicology into the drug discovery process.

"I think what we’ve realised at Lundbeck – and others as well of course – is that just moving some toxicology studies to an earlier phase in the R&D value chain in a so-called kill-early strategy, that is perhaps not enough," said Jorrit Hornberg, Head of Section of In-vitro Studies in the Department of Exploratory...Full Article »