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William B.

William B. Bierce

William B. Bierce is an award-winning international business lawyer with Bierce & Kenerson, P.C. based in New York City.  Bill practices outsourcing, corporate and international business law and has over thirty years of experience in corporate, commercial, technology, international business and financial transactions. Bill advises multinational companies with outsourcing relationships in privacy, taxes and other regulations across a range of vertical markets such as information technology, telecommunications, publishing, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, insurance, banking and financial services.  Bierce & Kenerson, P.C.’s team of senior lawyers offer expertise at a modest cost structure and an appreciation of the globalization process, which affects all enterprise from startup to multinational.

In addition to his work, Bill is the founder and publisher of the website,, a premier source for information on legal, regulatory and compliance issues in global sourcing.  He also publishes the Outsourcing Law and Business Journal ™ e-newsletter, which provides valuable insights into outsourcing, supply chain and globalization matters.