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Mary G.

Mary G. Adams

Mary G. Adams joined the Household Care (HHC) GBU in April, 2005 and is the leader of the Fabric Care and HHC GBS Teams. Her career at P&G has spanned IT applications & infrastructure, and business services. The first 12 of her 24 years with P&G were focused on supply chain applications and processes. From early 1996 to late 1999, a period of rapid technology introduction and scale, she was ran P&G’s global email, intranet hosting, and internet access infrastructures. She has played various roles in the creation and evolution of P&G’s highly recognized Global Business Services organization, and has been a GBSer since “day one”. In her first assignment in Workplace Services, she led the introduction of a new way of working at P&G, dubbed “FlexWork”. In 2003, she led GBS “Reframing” following strategic outsourcing, creating the “Running As A Business” model. Since joining Fabric Care and Household Care in 2005, she has been creating value and driving business transformation via GBS solutions.