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Urs Lüthi

Urs Lüthi is a molecular biologist by education. He earned his PHD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, by developing cellular assay systems to screen for drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease. After his PHD he joined the Swiss Biotech start-up company ESBATech, today an Alcon/Novartis biomedical research unit. In 2006, he decided to do a sabbatical and travelled during half a year from Egypt to South Africa by bicycle. After returning, he joined another Swiss Biotech start-up as Head of HTS technology. Unfortunately, after 2 years investors decided to cut funds and the start-up had to close. Urs then decided to work for a bigger and more safe company, today he is Senior Lab Head at ACTELION and responsible for all cell-based High-Throughput Screenings.

Urs Lüthi, Senior Lab Head HTS Compound Management Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., presents his company’s stance on innovative processes and maintenance of library compounds....Full Article »