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Ashley Smith

Ashley has 25 years’ experience of writing and commissioning life-science articles and reports - including 12 years for the publisher of Scrip World Pharmaceutical News. He trained as a mycologist but since then has worked in areas as diverse as agrochemicals, education, animal husbandry and construction. He joined Whitehall Training in 2012 and is responsible for content and commissioning of the company’s online compliance-based courses.

The counterfeit drug business makes money – an awful lot of money. After all, it’s easier to make a convincing fake pill than a pair of designer jeans and the potential mark-up is far higher. It’s no surprise then that anti-piracy features so heavily on the agenda of the world’s pharma industry....Full Article »
The latest report from the MHRA contains a sober reminder of the importance of adequate labelling of experimental drugs. Last week, the MHRA published its GCP Inspections Reports covering the 161 inspections it carried out in the year to 31stMarch 2011....Full Article »