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Ray Slayford


Ray is KPMG’s national Lead Partner for the Procurement and Shared Services groups with more than twenty years commercial and consulting experience gained across a broad spectrum of industries in Australia, Asia and the UK.

As a management consultant Ray has held a number of leadership roles with KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and Accenture and has provided strategic advice and hands on operational support to leading companies in the Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Oil & Gas industries.

Ray has also held senior shared services and financial management roles at Lehman Brothers Asia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Coca-Cola & Schweppes and Aggregate Industries in the UK.

With a focus on efficient & effective shared services, strategic procurement and holistic expense management, Ray has managed high performance teams and delivered outstanding results contributing to significant performance improvements across both front office and back office functions.

Ray is passionate about shared services and a firm believer in Business Process Outsourcing having been involved with successful operations from both a hands on delivery and leading advisor perspective.