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Chris Morrison


Chris is a member of the KPMG SSOA leadership team in Australia and has over 20 years’ hands on experience that comes from being an advisor within a number of government and private sector businesses.

His passion is helping organisations understand the shared services and/or outsourcing journey, establishing what transformational success will look like and overcoming the challenges it brings.

Chris has experienced large-scale delivery whilst balancing people, process and technology across multiple locations and business drivers. He works within shared services and outsourcing from a client perspective developing end to end functional solutions that deliver improvements at the front line of services.

Chris arrived in Perth Australia in 2008. He previously worked in Europe with National Governments and Government Agencies on tackling underperforming or new transformational-shared services and outsourcing initiatives. He brings a range of experiences from outside government that include Capita PLC (Outsourcing), Group 4 Securicor (Global Bids) and BMW Automotive that ensure he has a holistic view of the identification and resolution of key issues.

Chris enjoys helping organisations develop their understanding of SSOA and establishing programs that work in partnership with implementation providers to create win/win scenarios that truly make a difference.