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John Appleyard

He has been working in the oil industry for the past 35 years, the past 24 years have been with BP focussed on the development and application of lubricants and fuels in the mining industry. 

During this time John has overseen the development and managed the BP/Castrol Lubricants field technical support programme in Australia - LUBENet. This team has been instrumental in delivering millions of dollars of tangible savings to key mining and industrial customers within Australia – and the model has been replicated in other key mining geographies. 

In 2004 John joined the BP Global Mining team as the Research and Technology Manager, responsible for leading the development of innovative fuels and lubricants solutions, with a focus on energy efficiency and productivity improvement for the mining industry. 

This role involves close liaison with our customer, the original equipment builders such as Komatsu, Cummins, Caterpillar and MTU, as well as BP’s global Lubricants and Fuels research facilities. 

John has received a number of external and internal awards for his contribution to our knowledge of the impact of fuels and lubricants formulation on component durability and efficiency.