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Garry Whitfield

Currently Garry Whitfield is the Technical Manager for ground fuels at BP Australia having graduated in 1972 from Lancaster University in England with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.  He started work in Australia with BHP in the mining industry then moved to Melbourne and worked in the Vegetable Oils industry until 1979 when joined BP in Melbourne as a chemist.  He has since worked for BP in fuel formulations and applications during which time Australia has seen the introduction of unleaded petrol, low sulphur diesel and bio-fuels with the introduction of national fuel standards and vehicle design rules to control emissions.

 Garry has 31 years’ experience as a chemist in the petroleum industry involving product formulation, refining and testing, quality control and procedures, interpretation of data, test reports, incidents and properties and other documents relating to ground and aviation fuels. 

He also regularly presents to Technical Institutes, clients and professional organisations on ground fuels and represents BP on the AIP and LPG technical committees.