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Ken Tencer

Ken Tencer is CEO of Spyder Works, Inc., and a successful entrepreneur who has built international companies in manufacturing, product development, distribution and professional services.  Ken holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University and a Masters of Science in International Management from Boston University in Brussels, Belgium.  He began his career with a series of marketing firms, developing campaigns for financial service companies, manufacturers, retailers and not-for-profit organizations.  Ken co-founded Nettlewoods, a manufacturer of private-label bath and body care products that grew internationally.  As CEO of Spyder Works, Ken has moved from communications to strategy: helping numerous organizations create more effective growth plans by focusing on what they do best. As co-author of The 90% Rule, he has developed and is leading collaborative seminars based on the book. Hands-on experience has taught Ken that the greatest rewards in business come from focusing on those opportunities you are already 90 percent capable of achieving. He now delights in helping companies find the right growth track that lets them enjoy maximum growth, with minimum risk.