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Jesus Zurdo

Currently Head of Innovation for the biopharma development division at Lonza, with a particular focus on disruptive technologies for bioprocessing, and more effective approaches to biopharmaceutical early development. Prior to this Jesús was Head of Lonza’s Advanced Protein Technologies in Cambridge-UK, focusing in approaches to de-risk biopharmaceutical development. In 2002 he co-founded Zyentia Ltd, to design therapies for protein depositional disorders and tools to predict and remedy aggregation in biopharmaceuticals. He held various roles in the company, including CSO and acting-CEO until the acquisition of the AggreSolve™ business by Lonza in 2007. He was also co-founder and scientific advisor of Zapaloid Ltd, a company focused in the development of disease-modifying therapies against neurodegenerative disorders. Jesús has a PhD in molecular biology from the Univ. Autónoma Madrid (CIB-CSIC). He completed several years of postdoctoral work at CBM-CSIC & Univ. Complutense (Madrid) and subsequently held several research fellowships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, including Marie Curie & Wellcome Trust fellowships.

In this exclusive interview Jesús Zurdo, Head of Innovation, Biopharma Development, Lonza Biologics, speaks to Pharma IQ about improving the developability of biopharmaceuticals, the advantages of implementing early risk assessment and enhancing manufacture through Quality By Design (QbD). Zurdo also shares his views on the future and true...Full Article »
Jesús Zurdo, Head of Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Development at Lonza Biologics explains Lonza’s approach towards safer and less risk-involved methods to develop and produce drugs....Full Article »