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Tim Rawling

Associate Professor Tim Rawling, The University of Melbourne, AUS

My current role at the University is as the Director of Infrastructure Development with the Australian Geophysical Observing System (AGOS). This is a program which through monitoring, geophysics and lab-based petrophysics will focus on better understanding the nature and state of the shallow crust in Australia My recent research has involved the development of new exploration methodologies involving 3D modeling and finite element simulation. My background is in structural geology and IT. I have previously worked as a consultant exploration geologist (at 3DGeo), as the manager of the 3D modelling and simulation programs at GeoScience Victoria, as the MCA funded lecturer at the University of Melbourne, a commercial programmer and as a researcher at Monash University and the University of Arizona. My previous research work involved investigation of the tectonic evolution of New Caledonia and the SW Pacific as well as structural controls on mid crustal fluid flow in the Eastern Successions at Mt Isa.