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Martin Peter

Martin (born 1973) is holding a Master of Business Economics from the University of St. Gallen (lic. oec. HSG), Switzerland. In his previous work assignments he has collected experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Key Account Management and Business Consulting.

As a Senior Consultant and later as Engagement Manager, Martin has worked for a Business Consultancy having a focus on the travel and transport industry. He has worked on various projects for a number of different clients in Europe, Japan and the USA. The main focus areas of the projects where: Strategy, Process Consulting/IT, M&A and Cost Cutting.

2003 - 2008 Martin has been working for Envirotainer. He joined the company in 2003 in the role as Commercial Manager and had roles in product development, business development, marketing and sales. 2005 until he left the company, he was member of the Executive Management Team of Envirotainer in the role as Vice President Sales - being one of the key drivers behind Envirotainer's financial turnaround and market transition: to become a partner to the pharmaceutical clients and the logistics industry focusing on "Cold Chain Management". In this role he founded Envirotainer's "Cold Chain Advisory Board", launched the award winning "CEP/QEP program", represented the company at cold chain conferences and was contributing to regulatory boards in the cold chain and logistics industry.

In October 2008, Martin has joined ELPRO to build up ELPRO's Cold Chain activities around the invention LIBERO PDF data logger. He is member of the board and since 2012 Head of Sales and Marketing of the entire ELPRO Group. Martin regularly publishes articles in the "Cold Chain area" and is member of various industry associations and boards (e.g. PDA, PCCIG).

Martin lives in Switzerland, is married and father of two girls. He likes nature, swimming, hiking, skiing, reading and cooking.