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Deepa Arora

Dr Deepa Arora is a Physician with more than 15 years of experience in drug safety and clinical development in the pharma industry and in academia. She has been in leadership and strategic roles in MNCs and Indian Pharma companies and successfully set up systems, developed teams and interacted with regulatory agencies in different regions including US, Europe, India and Australia. She has played an active role in developing awareness and skills of pharmacovigilance in the region by designing teaching modules for safety in medical institutions and training in pharmacovigilance workshops and courses. She is the author of the book “Pharmacovigilance- An Industry Perspective”. Deepa  iscurrently  working with Lupin Limited as the Global Head- Drug Safety & Risk Management.

Dr Deepa Arora MD, Global Head, Drug Safety & Risk Management at Lupin Limited, tells Pharma IQ what she considers to be the Top 5 most common challenges around pharmacovigilance in Asia....Full Article »