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Lawrence Latham

Mr. Latham started his career in the military and attended the US Army Communications School in FT Gordon, GA where he was trained in Communications Security (COMSEC). Fields of study included advanced encryption, TEMPEST, and digital technologies. After honorably completing his military service, Mr. Latham attended the University of North Texas majoring in Business and Finance. After college, Mr. Latham became Operations Director for Business Records Corporation, a publicly-held conglomerate, which provided technology and services to government. Mr. Latham has served as CEO of several successful technology companies, including Aera, a market leading Semiconductor Equipment Component Manufacturer. Mr. Latham has a proven track record of technology commercialization including founding several successful technology companies including Uptime Devices, a network appliance company and Stealth Networks, a secure, high-performance network technology company. He holds a patent for a nano-technology gate array and has developed several successful digital media. Mr. Latham is responsible for World Wide Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.