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Jack Caldwell
Blogging is a part-time activity that I undertake in order to record ideas, happenings, and opinions that intrude into an otherwise calm and peaceful existence.

I am formally retired and so now work full time as a consultant with Robertson GeoConsultants.  You can probably guess my clients from the places that I visit and write about.  I also give the game away occasionally when I link to a paper that I or fellow workers have written.   I also write the occasional piece for TechnoMine and EduMine.  You will find those writings easily enough on InfoMine. 

InfoMine looks after the blog site, although they keep it at arms length because they are concerned that what I write may offend somebody in the mining industry and thereby reduce support for InfoMine.  I must applaud their courage in doing what they do.  For sometimes, I am sure I offend somebody in the mining industry.

Thus I hope you enjoy my postings.  I hope they entertain, inform, and stimulate you.  If you do not like them, please comment or send me a private e-mail at  Many people prefer to send me a critical comment in private.  I enjoy them all; although I do not promise to reply to all.