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Brendon Butler

I have spent 7 years dissecting Sandvik and Atlas Copco’s jumbo consumable “sales and control” strategies after working for Sandvik’s consumable division on a number of mine sites in 2005. Independently studying strategies rather than products and direct usage has allowed me to understand and uncover the baseline 50-year old plus strategies that Sandvik and Atlas Copco have used to expand and develop their mining businesses and profits.

I have gauged the mining industry’s understandings of the strategies being used against them. They are somewhat aware but unsure on how to go about them or how deep they go.  I understand their positions quite well.  In the past 2 years, I have expanded the product lines to which I “strategically” dissect to include 50 years of ground support, truck development, LHD loader development and jumbos themselves as “sales enhancing tools”.

What I have found is that these strategies are intersecting and wide spread, which is why they are hard to see and difficult to understand. It also falls outside most industry managers and researchers direct interests and/or responsibilities.

The tactics being used are sales and industry control strategies.

Product design or engineering only comes into it in small amounts.

This has been confirmed: by what I was instructed to do (by Sandvik) while working for Sandvik, in direct conversation with Atlas Copco on separate occasions as well as an engineering company directly involved with assisting Sandvik in strategy supporting areas (Silverise). On each occasion, it has been said and implied that I should not continue my inquisitive questions (sometimes quite forcefully).

Boart Longyear also implied my strategy understandings are valid and if I were to start my own contracting company to address these issues they would look into employing my services.  This is because it was not part of Boart Longyears business model to directly engage in the particular activity.  (Fair call I say).  Boart has also told me that they do not like the Cost Per Metre (CPM) leasing/management system and are actively moving away from it.

This knowledge is gathered through personal experience via engaging with:

· Heavy equipment manufactures: Caterpillar, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Boart Longyear

· Consumable supplier: Ryoko Sangyo (Mitsubishi hard rock consumables)

· Mining ground support manufacturer: Dywidag

· Underground mining contractors: Macmahons, Byrnecut

· Resource companies: Xstrata, Goldfields, Newmont

· And many underground internationally experience managers and personnel.