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Stephanie R.
Thomas, Ph.D

Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D

Dr. Thomas is a noted authority on compensation gender equity and is a leading expert on the analysis of equal employment opportunity issues. Her research and opinions are widely published and have appeared in Bloomberg Law Report, Corporate Counselor, Journal of Compensation and Benefits, and leading professional journals. Dr. Thomas is quoted in a variety of media outlets, and was a featured guest on a National Public Radio broadcast discussing the gender pay gap and the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Since 1999, Dr. Thomas has served as an economic and statistical consultant to Fortune 500 companies, privately held businesses, major law firms and government agencies such as the Department of Justice and the FBI. She has provided expert economic and statistical testimony in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

Dr. Thomas is actively involved in sharing her knowledge, and has been invited to address various chapters of the Industry Liaison Group, Society for Human Resources Management, and bar associations across the country.

Prior to her consulting career, Dr. Thomas served on the faculty of New York University, where she taught courses on economic theory and econometrics.