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Niamh Madigan is Editor of Pharma IQ and has worked at IQPC since 2008, initially as a Conference Producer on Pharmaceutical and Shared Services & Outsourcing events. Due to her journalistic experience, Niamh moved on to work as an Online Editor for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, prior to moving back to the Pharmaceuticals division. Niamh has used her combined experience as journalist and events manager to produce and host online learning forums such as webinars and Online conferences for IQPC. Niamh’s journalistic career began in Ireland where she worked for the National Broadcaster, RTE, as a Television Producer on current affairs and health programmes for 5 years. She holds a BA (Hons) in Media Studies and a First PostGraduate Diploma in Journalism.

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Douglas Ball, Research Fellow at Pfizer, Inc. reflects on the major issues raised at the Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing conference in Belgium such as best manufacturing practice and regulatory guidance and how they apply to Biomanufacturing in the United States.   Have Your Say Rate this...Full Article »
Ahead of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Conference in Amsterdam, Niamh Madigan interviews Hubert Koevoets, Director Distribution Europe & Transactional Management from Celgene to discover the trials and tribulations of logistics in the pharma industry.   Have Your Say Rate this feature and give...Full Article »
Pharma IQ has put together a list of 8 regulations and guidelines that look set to impact different divisions of the pharma and biotech industry in 2013....Full Article »
The Delegated Acts are due to come into force in 2017 and no company, big or small, can be in a position to sit waiting for the specific delegated acts to be released following the falsified medicines directive. The advice is to start pilots now before scaling up, instead of waiting until the last hour. There is temptation to delay...Full Article »
Last year Pharma IQ put together a list of the TOP 10 pharmaceutical industry associations. As it got a lot of you commenting, we decided to repeat and update it for 2013 with some old faces and new worthy entrants!...Full Article »
This podcast looks at best practice approaches to secure alliances and strategic partnerships,  no matter what size the business is or where you are operating from when looking at clinical outsourcing. Larry Blankstein, Senior Director Clinical Development at Genzyme, looks at optimising the Sponsor/Provider performance by...Full Article »
Sonia Poli, VP for Non Clinical Development at Addex Therapeutics, a small biotech built in Geneva explains how the new FDA and EMA guidelines will impact their business. She looks at the daily challenges they are faced with  and stresses the importance of having highly valuated assays which will translate into clinical data....Full Article »
Gert Ragnarsson, Director of the Swedish Medical Projects Agency, discusses the biggest milestones in QbD over the last decade, including: The establishment of harmonised guidelines The Formation of the EMA The recent document published by the FDA, which is a significant step in dealing with advanced formulations   He...Full Article »
Looking to comprehensive strategies for structuring and funding innovation driven in non-clinical co-operations through the experiences of the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) at University of Oxford. Dr Wen Hwa Lee, the Strategic Alliances Manager talks to Pharma IQ on benefitting from pre-competitive research and shares insight in a...Full Article »
TxCell is a biotechnology company founded in 2001. This Biotech is dedicated to the development of therapeutic products for severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with high unmet medical needs,  including inflammatory bowel and joint  diseases and neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. One of the main...Full Article »
46 results
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