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J. Padrón III

Honorio J. Padrón III

Mr. Padrón’s career spans 35 years in business and technology manage¬ment, enterprise business transformation, shared services, outsourcing, and customer experience engineer¬ing. He is considered a worldwide expert in all of the facets of Enterprise Service Delivery strategy, design, and implementation. He has held senior executive positions in government and at a number of Fortune 500 corporations, including CEO of Exelon’s Business Services Company Inc.; CIO and SVP Exelon Corporation, CIO  and EVP of CompUSA;  CIO and SVP of PepsiCo Restaurant Group; and Head of Global Reengineering for Burger King Corporation. He also served in various Program Man¬agement roles at NASA Kennedy Space Center.  CIO Magazine selected Mr. Padrón as one of its “Top 100 CIOs.”, and RetailTech as one of its “Top 10 CIOs”. Additionally, he is the recipient of a “Computerworld Smithsonian Award” for CRM innovation, and a “Contract Design Award” from the Outsourcing Institute. Mr. Padrón is widely published and is a con¬tributing author of e-Enterprise, The Alignment Effect and Winning The 3-Legged Race: When Business & Technology Run Together, Global Business Services: Redefining The Enterprise Engine.