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Julien Grimont

In 1999, Julien Grimont started his undergraduate studies in mathematics, physics and chemistry to obtain the BSc from the University of Haute-Alsace (France) in 2002. He continued his studies at the ENSCMu, the national graduate chemistry school of Mulhouse (France). In 2005, he completed his Master Degree, specialized in Organic and bioorganic chemistry, with a 6-month internship at Actelion Pharmaceuticals. Thereafter, he was hired as a Research Associate in Medicinal Chemistry at Actelion. His main focus is the synthesis of potent GPCR agonists. In addition to performing synthetic organic chemistry, Julien Grimont joined the Actelion NMR-Team in 2007. He attended courses in Karlsruhe (Bruker’s headquarters) to enrich his knowledge regarding NMR techniques. Since 2009, Julien is leading the NMR-Team at Actelion. He has reinforced the collaboration between Actelion and Bruker, and together with his group, has developed new NMR applications dedicated to drug discovery.