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René Holm

René Holm received his pharmaceutical training at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, now the Pharmaceutical faculty at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1998 and his PhD in biopharmaceutics from the same institution in 2002. Dr. Holm joined Lundbeck in 2001, and have worked within physical chemical characterisation, preformulation and drug formulation at all stages of both discovery and development and is know the divisional director for biologics and pharmaceutical science.

Dr. Holm is (co-) author of more than 40 original articles in peer-reviewed journals in the field of biopharmaceutics and preformulation and is named as (co-) inventor of 6 patents within the same fields. Further, Dr. Holm is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Drug Delivery at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Copenhagen University.
Identifying delivery routes to optimise bioavailability is a core topic in delivering safer, more effective drugs to market. In his latest column, René discuses the chemically curious compounds, semi-fluorinated alkanes and their uses as excipients...Full Article »
Efficient treatments options that are acceptable for both the patients and the physicians are the corner stones in drug development within the pharmaceutical industry. In his new column, 'Drug Delivery', René Holm, Head of Pre-formulation at Lundbeck looks at how Buccal delivery has been explored intensively during the last...Full Article »
With the advent of improved techniques for drug discovery, there has been a transition towards new chemical entities to be hydrophobic and non-polar, which in turn has made solubilization of these entities difficult. Lipid formulations can provide effective solubilization in the dosage form and in vivo. Pharma IQ interviewed René Holm, PhD,...Full Article »