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Harwood, Ph.D.

Robert Harwood, Ph.D.

Rob obtained his engineering PhD in 1998 from the University of Sheffield, one of the top 5 engineering schools in the UK. During and since that time Rob has focused on the industrial use of physics based simulation in a broad range of sectors including Environmental Engineering, Healthcare, Chemical Process, Energy, Aerospace and Defense. Rob has been with ANSYS for 12 years and has focused on the Aerospace and Defense sector since 2006.

Physics based simulation is evolving from being a tool used by engineering specialists to a capability that is strategically deployed throughout organizations and embedded in standard work processes. Different organizations are at different stages in this transition and Rob is focused on communicating and disseminating experiences and best practices that assist organizations maximize their return on investment in physics based simulation by thinking beyond just products to consider both processes and people.

Rob has worked directly with the leading US DOD laboratories, defense contractors and our allies around the globe. Rob is a frequently invited guest speaker at industry conferences and seminars and recent contributions include presentations and panel session participation at events as diverse as Logistics for RESET and Armed Unmanned Air Systems.