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Koray Parmaksizoglu

Koray Parmaksizoglu is the Director Client Services at Telax Hosted Call Center. He is a specialist in the contact center field, having innovated, deployed and managed contact center technology projects for over twelve years. Koray is accountable for all active Telax Hosted Call Center deployments including our key government and finance sectors.

Koray has been directly involved in developing advanced/non-traditional service models for Financial institutions like CI Financial, Ally, Walton Capital and Steadyhand Investment Funds. In a past life he was the founder of a BPO call center focusing on high technology and financial services.

His mandate continues to include working closely with the Telax user group and development team to strengthen the product roadmap with client suggested enhancements for the new iterations of the Telax Hosted Call Center platform. This has included the launching of a multi-channel universal ACD, workforce management and analytics modules, enhanced survey capabilities, automated outbound functionality, and advanced business continuity features for clients.