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Peter Boogaard

Mr. Boogaard has over 25 years of experience in the field of laboratory automation and informatics since the introduction of commercial laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Peter founded Industrial Lab Automation to fulfil the growing need in the laboratory Informatics industry to provide independent and quality information to technology users. Boogaard, a Dutch citizen, studied analytical chemistry in Delft (The Netherlands), where he was introduced to computer software during his research on inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology, now a de-facto standard in many analytical analysis methods. Mr. Boogaard started his international professional career with Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Thanks to his first employer, who understood very early on the importance of the end-user experience, he created many application programs to fulfil the client needs. Mr. Boogaard has been able to adopt and expand this behaviour successfully with great companies including Applied Biosystems, Oracle, Informix, SYMYX, Life Technology and LabVantage. Peter has published several white papers and contributes in industry advisory boards.

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