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Tatiana Medvedeva

Tatiana Medvedeva is an Associate Professor in the Department of World Economy and Law at Siberian State University of Transport, Novosibirsk, Russia.  At her university she is a former Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Business and Management. She has also worked as Vice-director of the Institute for Prospective Transport Technologies. She has experience in educating and consulting with managers of Russian enterprises for work in the new social and economic conditions.

She received a diploma in economic cybernetics from Novosibirsk State University  and a kandidatskaya degree (Ph.D) in economics from Moscow State University.  Most of her scientific interests and writings in Russia and abroad concern the economics of transitions and change management, particularlythechanges in values, beliefs, and institutions now occurring in the post-communist countries; interactive planning methods; cross-cultural studies; total quality management; and a constructivist approach to educating managers.

Her researchis quite interdisciplinary.  Shehas published articles in Cybernetics and Systems, World Futures, Kybernetes,Reflexive Control, andLogistics and Sustainable Transport.  She has presented papers at scientific conferences in Russia, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, and Romania. 

During the academic year 2010-2011 she is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Sociology at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. In 1996 she was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Management, the School of Business at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

 Her biography can be found in the 2009 edition of Who's Who in the World.