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David Lyons

Over the last 38 years, Mr. Lyons has successfully secured financing for energy and infrastructure projects in over 100 countries. With an emphasis on a long-term equity investment perspective and the structuring of state-owned and private oil company partnerships, he has achieved sustainable and break through share holder value for projects involving subsea infrastructure, next-generation and special-purpose vessels, high-specification rigs, and LNG facilities.    

He has secured the front-end development funding required to support game-changing technologies for early-to-production systems, enhanced oil recovery techniques, ultra-deep water drilling, and sub sea robotics; and the capital required to undertake corporate mergers and acquisitions.          

Mr. Lyons has established six technology-intensive companies, including co-founding the energy venture capital company, Scotia Capital Corporation. He has served as Chairman of the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce, Founder & 1st Chairman of the Enterprise Forum, and President of the Marine Technology Society, Canada.

Mr. Lyons is a Founding Partner and President of Capital Partners Worldwide LLC, an international capital solutions and financial advisory company.