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Buchen, Ph.D

Irving Buchen, Ph.D

Dr. Irving H. Buchen secured his Ph. D. is from Johns Hopkins and has been a professor and an academic administrator at Cal State, University of Wisconsin, and Penn State. He is currently a member of the doctoral business faculty of Capella University and associate vice president for IMPAC University.

He also has served as a management consultant, trainer, and executive coach here and abroad for numerous corporations including CITGO, Bankers Trust, and the American Can Company. He has written extensively on becoming and functioning as a consultant and trusted advisor for client companies and CEOs.

An author of eight books and nearly 200 articles, his publications have appeared often in Foresight, Executive Excellence, Chief Learning Officer, Training Management, etc.

An active futurist and expert on long range forecasting, he currently serves on the editorial board of the World Future Society and his most recent essay on scenario forecasting appeared in the 2008 conference volume.

Finally his most recent book “Partnership HR” (Davis=Black,2008) was just named one of the three top books in the HR field by Bloomsberg Business Euro TV Group, representing 900,000 subscribers.