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Monica Jenks

From January of 1984 until May of 2000, Monica L. Jenks was employed by TARP (Technical Assistance Research Programs) in a variety of positions.  For twelve of those years, she was TARP’s Director of Training and Development and was responsible for the development, management, and delivery of all training programs. Although well versed in numerous topics around customer care including human resources, people management, quality call monitoring, and email e-care, she is considered to be a subject matter expert in front line communication skills training.

Due to the merger of TARP and Customer Insites and in compliance with their new business model in 2000, Ms. Jenks left to form Great Connections.  She and her training team continue to offer clients a variety of exciting seminars designed to help each agent “raise the bar of customer care excellence”.  Monica is fond of saying she has trained associates in every industry from beer to bulldozers and shampoo to semi trucks.