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Cristina Falcão

- Lawyer – Portuguese Catholic University Lisbon (own practice – 1992 – 2003)

Published Law Articles (in Portuguese)

- Pharmaceutical Manager /Chief Science Officer/ Change Manager (2003 – current)

 At Farmácia F., Portugal.

  • Vast Professional Experience and Knowledge both in Law and Pharmaceutical Issues; Working in Both Areas.
  • Considered to Possess Strong Forecasting and Analytical Capabilities, Strategic Planning Experience, and Proven Leadership Ability with Diverse Multi-Cultural Peers and Employees
  • Fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and  a Moderate Knowledge of The German Language

Other areas of work and interest:

  • Promotion of Public Health Programs, like “Living With Diabetes”
  • Director of all Mandatory Recalls and Pharmaco Vigilance
  • Qualified in Change Management Control
  • Certification of Quality for Pharmacies
  • Marketing for Pharmacies
  • Conflict Management
  • Familiar With Supply Chain Topics
  • Trained in Cold Supply Chain Distribution of Drugs to Pharmacies
  • Supporter of Technology Innovation Relating to Pharmacies and Supply Chains
  • Assistance to Supplier of Pharmacy Logistics Database – Addressing Flaws and Suggesting Improvements
  • Several Articles and Essays about Legal Subjects Related to Pharmaceutical Topics in Portuguese Pharmacy Publications

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It is pretty amazing how, with only one strike, the pharmacy logistics of an entire country knocked out all the reimbursement schemes and it took two years to understand the problem and try to fix it to some extent. I was so fascinated by this mystery that I decided to investigate and published my conclusions some years back...Full Article »
We don’t handle drugs inside the pharmacy, we have packages, sealed, and with the bar code, batch number and expiration date in the label and in the blisters or any other pharmaceutical form labels inside the outer package....Full Article »
In times of global recession pharma industry was not immune to the direct and indirect effects of the economic crisis. It is not just about dry pipelines and skyrocketing R&D costs; it is also about the profound changes in global healthcare systems....Full Article »
A paradigm is the conceptual framework upon which we build our world; it is built upon past experiences; if we are not willing to make shifts in our paradigms, we will remain stagnate in our growth; a paradigm shift is a change from one way of thinking to another; it is something that does not happen like self generation it is driven by change....Full Article »
Will “Fat taxes” affect consumption, and eventually obesity? The impact of imposing taxes on the consumption of certain foods depends on the responsiveness of consumers to price changes, i.e. price elasticity. It is difficult to predict how consumers will react to price changes caused by taxation....Full Article »
Since more and more clinical research and drug manufacturing are being done in multiple countries and in multiple languages, quality language services can help bring a drug to market faster, and can help streamline the clinical trial process. Translation may be required at many stages, including clinical research, regulatory submission and review...Full Article »
PM is no longer about the pharma industry alone – the players/stakeholders go far beyond the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, presenting a new challenge in assembling diverse technologies and partners working together. Success in this space will require new approaches, new relationships, and new ways of thinking....Full Article »
Patient advocacy groups and organizations are one of the primary backers of research into rare diseases. EURORDIS (Europe) hasmember national alliances in 25 countries. In US, there are several patient advocacy groups, like the Barteks....Full Article »
23 results
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